With The Reform Approaching, New Online Casino Rules Hit The UK Market

British gaming companies have introduced a new set of rules for the production of online games because they are facing upcoming changes in the industry to deal with gambling problems. Reducing the spin speed of the slot machine, banning many controversial game features, and increasing access to cleaner game details are new steps.

The Gaming Industry Council (BGC) has issued a new "Code of Conduct" aimed at ensuring more stable gambling principles before entering the market. Under the new structure, the game loop speed is set to at least 2.5 seconds. Turbocharged play, the player can improve the rhythm of the game and play more slot machines at the same time, these players have the past may also place multiple bets in different games, which is also prohibited.

The Gaming Industry Council (BGC) View Is:

BGC confirmed that the new reorganization will be in full swing at the end of October. In a statement from the Chief Executive Officer of the Betting and Gaming Commission (BGC), Michael Dugher:

"Online gambling companies have profited from the pandemic, made more money, and put more lives at risk. It is important to remember that every year in the lottery, bingo games, sports games, casinos Or the vast majority of the nearly 30 million British adults who occasionally tremble in the game are completely safe. The new "Code of Conduct for Game Design" is another example of our determination to immediately address our concerns and fulfill our commitment to safer gambling."

How Accepted Are These Reforms To The Industry?

Due to the growing number of players facing problems in the UK, the industry is preparing to reconsider gambling regulations. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, members of Congress have advocated a total ban on game advertising and the maximum bet that can be played in any game, and this issue has also been reviewed.

The upcoming changes have prompted top companies to hire senior politicians to lead them through the revision. Gaming giant 888 was appointed Lord Mendelsohn of Blair Adviser, while former Labour Party deputy leader and outspoken anti-gambling activist Tom Watson was appointed last month Appointed as a consultant.

Key Areas For Major Reforms To Be Considered In The New Reforms

In these key areas, some authorities believe that it is the most important for the reform to adopt preferential treatment. The bet limit for all online slots related titles does not exceed £2 due to potential losses.

  •  Slot game time between two spins is longer.
  •  It is recommended to completely ban VIPs and attractive plans.
  •  Any advertisements involving gambling activities are completely prohibited.
  •  A comprehensive reform of the UK gambling law (the consequence of the
  • effective redundancy of the UKGC-UK Gambling Commission).
  •  You can confirm the deposit limit for new customers until you can afford it.
  •  Customer monitoring is more effective.

 What Will Prompt Reform

 In June 2019, a story in The Guardian explained how the five largest gambling companies in the UK are preparing to raise funds to help addiction to gambling, which has increased sixfold each year to £60 million, but this is actually labeled as a bribe.